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Students on vacation Row 1
Cockerel adopts orphan chicken Row 2
Curl is on ice Row 3
Hunger strike ended Row 4
Basketball new world sport Row 5
Gambler gambles everything, doesn't win Row 6
Bald man wears invisible hairpiece Row 7
Wearing hats on Sunday is compulsory Row 8
Superhero resigns Row 9
People remember Columbus Row 10
Crickets sing at the theatre Row 11
Queen dies Row 12
Brie spread in sandwich Row 13
Dogs and cats best friends Row 14
Groceries delivered to South Pole Row 15
Cream in school dining mandatory Row 16
Walrus found on mountain top Row 17
Fierce warriors frightened of snake Row 18
World's biggest pizza created Row 19
Mouse mows secular tree Row 20
Cars in cities banned Row 21
Everyone trips over Row 22
Computer problems at the Pentagon Row 23
Knowledge becomes priceless Row 24
Russian drama is Hollywood hit film Row 25
Insects invade desert Row 26
King moves into sand castle Row 27
Man lands on Mars Row 28
Drought wiped away Row 29
Apple falls Row 30
Spider weaves a long way Row 31
Life found in Jupiter Moon Row 32
Steam powered cars regain popularity Row 33
Insects invade city Row 34
Chinese singer serenades lover Row 35
New flavour is developed Row 36
Government takes permanent vacation Row 37
Burqa ban rejected Row 38
Ski jumper overflies everything Row 39
Frisbee throwing becomes Olympic sport Row 40
Page 2
Mime makes speech Row 41
The Holy Grail is found Row 42
Rubbish begging on the street Row 43
Golfer puts coplayer Row 44
Everybody hides Row 45
Lava comes out of tap Row 46
Little toe trips up Row 47
Crisps with taste of popcorn Row 48
Field of lavender sold at auction Row 49
Skunk aroma perfume discontinued Row 50
Mirror predicts future Row 51
Carpenter makes wooden underpants Row 52
Trucks prohibited Row 53
All animals extinct Row 54
Factory is closed down Row 55
Chalk gives students tinnitus Row 56
Same day two times Row 57
Meat outrivaled by tofu Row 58
Gemstone detected Row 59
No cigarette butts on avenue Row 60
Wallet is stolen Row 61
Clothes shop opens on nudist beach Row 62
Olympic games held on moon Row 63
Bees deny work Row 64
Lambs frolic in Spring Row 65
Watching television not allowed Row 66
Child goes to school Row 67
Ferris wheel made of plastic Row 68
Brain declared as World Heritage Row 69
First world circumnavigation Row 70
Rat hides in bottle Row 71
Wind energy covers all needs Row 72
Great fish catches great fisherman Row 73
Boy sacrifices computer game to Jesus Row 74
Vegan bacon goes on sale Row 75
Dengue fever in Norway Row 76
Ants move to new home Row 77
Teacup hits the floor Row 78
Pet fox kept on leash Row 79
Dinosaur island discovered Row 80
Page 3
Small man buys microphone Row 81
Roses without thorns grown Row 82
All passports valid everywhere Row 83
James Bond fulfills his mission Row 84
Prayers held outside Row 85
King's horse abdicates Row 86
Design competition won by chimpanzee Row 87
Kiwi gives superpowers Row 88
Blood donor loses blood Row 89
Pineapple juice cheaper than water Row 90
Little girl catches cold Row 91
Wedding between gay princes Row 92
Strike among kitchen workers Row 93
Spaniards sail to Pacific Row 94
Elephant completes jigsaw puzzle Row 95
Beetle sheds wings Row 96
Bear plays soccer Row 97
Milky Way shrinks Row 98
Word stuck in throat Row 99
Lovely weather all year 'round Row 100
Gold runs out Row 101
New dinosaur founded out Row 102
Barbecues forbidden by the police Row 103
Closet explodes Row 104
Polar bears swim to South Pole Row 105
Friend lost at supermarket Row 106
Computer prohibits Row 107
Nuclear power plant explodes Row 108
Children rule over adults Row 109
Fly in soup becomes new dish Row 110
New country discovered Row 111
Nun ends celibate life Row 112
Salsa dancers dance Samba Row 113
Mime walks tightrope Row 114
No more antibiotics Row 115
Madman appointed director of asylum Row 116
Ice dragon eats ordinary dragon Row 117
Attached file falls off Row 118
Mine digs to center of Earth Row 119
Doctors fall asleep Row 120
Page 4
Clothes tried in court Row 121
Family escape hot air balloon crash Row 122
New media invented Row 123
Bacillus hits his toe Row 124
Runner runs too fast Row 125
Monk wins a race Row 126
Boat sails adrift Row 127
Trees get married Row 128
Alien moves to Mars Row 129
New country created Row 130
All beaches are nudist Row 131
Corn in all food products Row 132
Engineer invents peace Row 133
Breakfast abolished Row 134
Soccer ball bounces into goal Row 135
Kings birthday Row 136
Sharks learn to speak Row 137
Big Foot moves downtown Row 138
Judge stands down Row 139
Chess- man beats machine again Row 140
Celebrity is photographed Row 141
Moon clones itself Row 142
Diamond asteroid found Row 143
Teacher forgets multiplication table Row 144
Sugar banned Row 145
Bikes banned Row 146
First bag snatcher gets caught Row 147
New dictionary with three words Row 148
Crane lifts ship wreck Row 149
Teacher holds hip-hop lesson Row 150
Laser pointer points out treasure Row 151
New king in Västerås Row 152
All cars are electric Row 153
Cactus dies dehydrated Row 154
Pupils go on strike Row 155
New egg diet Row 156
Rudolph eats Santa Claus' hat Row 157
Doping legalised at Olympics Row 158
Enrolled escapes home Row 159
Sausage flavoured ice-cream dessert Row 160
Page 5
Spiderman bitten by cricket Row 161
All of Europe flooded Row 162
Mammoth revived Row 163
Ozone hole devours Australia Row 164
Earth gets new ecosystem Row 165
Gnome catches flu Row 166
Opera cancelled Row 167
Cars powered by electricity Row 168
Pasta boils over Row 169
Frog wins middle distance race Row 170
Meat prices cause riot Row 171
Cyclist in doping scandal Row 172
Fabric hammer invented Row 173
The world's longest bridge built Row 174
Beautiful jug designed Row 175


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