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Vacuum cleaner cleans appartement alone Row 1
Walrus parades in carnival Row 2
Sultan instructs genocide Row 3
Man not smartest on earth Row 4
Bank goes bankrupt Row 5
Chinese becomes world language Row 6
Space rocket lands on moon Row 7
Entombed warriors escape Row 8
Children's book wins Nobel prize Row 9
Sun melts Row 10
Mosquito squashes elephant Row 11
Ozone hole devours Australia Row 12
Revolution of the cone people Row 13
Corn in all food products Row 14
Remote controlled car drives itself Row 15
Every horse very tiny Row 16
Zebra escapes from zoo Row 17
Tortoise wins speed race Row 18
Chemical engineer becomes language teacher Row 19
New book on memory Row 20
Invisibility formula discovered Row 21
Church admits: made everything up Row 22
Lead transformed in gold Row 23
The people stop paying bills Row 24
Fee charged to use ambulance Row 25
New laser beam detected Row 26
Bathtub springs a leak Row 27
World ends Row 28
Rabbit befriends toy dog Row 29
Flea makes highest jump ever Row 30
Plane lands on island Row 31
Nun ends celibate life Row 32
Man lands on Mars Row 33
Singer-songwriter breaks glasses Row 34
Pilot afraid of flying Row 35
Matriarch trembles in front of patriarch Row 36
New born for president Row 37
Superhero loses special powers Row 38
Monkey memorizes deck of cards Row 39
Butterflies gather in Mexico Row 40
Page 2
End of the world called off Row 41
World peace for a day Row 42
Mum delivers triplets Row 43
New world peace treaty Row 44
Devided opinion uncomon Row 45
Horse insults donkey Row 46
Golf star in scandal Row 47
Trainer teaches new sport Row 48
City destroyed Row 49
Bumblebees extinct Row 50
Plate bought at IKEA Row 51
Flood in Sahara Row 52
Tea more expensive than oil Row 53
Greece goes bankrupt Row 54
Laws of physics stop Row 55
Artist goes to dentist Row 56
Knight receives new suit of armour Row 57
Skull key to paradise Row 58
Pigeon attached by moths Row 59
Fox steals chickens Row 60
Selenium is added to vitamin tablets Row 61
New dictionary with three words Row 62
Boyfriend performs rain dance Row 63
Prince takes part in knight games Row 64
Cabbage soup popular Row 65
Cow produces whipped cream Row 66
Landing at sea Row 67
World peace introduced Row 68
Little toe trips up Row 69
Queen abdicates Row 70
Bicylce in Chine tumbles down Row 71
Sharks learn to speak Row 72
Alien moves to Mars Row 73
Space tourism commonplace Row 74
Democratic country introduces dictatorship Row 75
Photograph of ghost taken Row 76
President reanimated Row 77
Vacuum cleaning new Olympic discipline Row 78
Stadium hosts pyjama party Row 79
World's longest hair found Row 80
Page 3
Plane cashes into Mount Everest Row 81
Planet found on star Row 82
Spiderman quits his job Row 83
The moon leaves earth Row 84
Doctor prescribes hot chili Row 85
Unsinkable boat sinks Row 86
Arsonist devastates Europe Row 87
Internet closed down Row 88
Runner runs too fast Row 89
India becomes most populated country Row 90
Dynamite man marries gingerbread woman Row 91
New planet found Row 92
World's largest boat built Row 93
Little girl catches cold Row 94
Lessons in going on pilgrimage Row 95
OS closed down Row 96
Fans cool city Row 97
Lady lives to 100 Row 98
The 60s become modern again Row 99
Fly leaves the atmosphere Row 100
Manned mission to Mars Row 101
Cats dance Rock’n’Roll Row 102
USA divided Row 103
Man jumps off a cliff Row 104
New mountain detected Row 105
Canary sings in rock band Row 106
Chinese actor plays cowboy Row 107
Politician divorces Row 108
Most poisonous spider poisons itself Row 109
School closed down Row 110
Carrots stimulate hair growth Row 111
Parrot employed as radio presenter Row 112
Copernicus learns words Row 113
Ledersitze gehören zur Normalausstattung Row 114
Leopard goes vegan Row 115
Ourang-outang wins World Memory Championship Row 116
Car company cheats again Row 117
Oysters eat living human Row 118
Gardening TV channel wins award Row 119
Golfer puts coplayer Row 120
Page 4
Taxi driver gets lost Row 121
Time machine invented Row 122
New extra-high speed train introduced Row 123
Pippi Langstrumpf wins songcontest Row 124
Bank open 24-7 Row 125
Cartoon figure completes drawing Row 126
Running event hits record Row 127
New mousetrap invented Row 128
Best ever design software released Row 129
Palm hit by lightning Row 130
Hair color prohibited Row 131
Photographer in scandal Row 132
Blue tree cultivated Row 133
Pants prohibits Row 134
Accountant runs off with cash Row 135
Whisky becomes cats' favourite drink Row 136
New law written Row 137
Football player scores blindfolded Row 138
Wind energy covers all needs Row 139
Christmas is rescheduled to June Row 140
Trunk instead of nose in fashion Row 141
Pluto renamed Row 142
Apple tree gives carrots Row 143
Wolf attacks cheetah Row 144
Turkeys' insurrection against Thanksgiving Day Row 145
Alchemist lies again Row 146
Leech prescribed as cure for obesity Row 147
Chocolates devoured Row 148
The world's longest bridge built Row 149
President re-elected for 5th time Row 150
Mars leaves solar system Row 151
Largest diamond ever found Row 152
Clown fish makes bad joke Row 153
Factory is closed down Row 154
Salsa dancers dance Samba Row 155
Olympic pool in the garden Row 156
Memory champion becomes president Row 157
Work voluntarily Row 158
Hitchhiker writes guide to the galaxy Row 159
New fruit „Apfelange“ cultivated Row 160
Page 5
Obese become Olympic champion Row 161
AI generates historic dates Row 162
Builder swims in wet concrete Row 163
Cream in school dining mandatory Row 164
Gramophone teaches kids playing chess Row 165
Autumn becomes colourless Row 166
Whale dives to bottom of sea Row 167
Crime prevented Row 168
Peace between aliens and humans Row 169
Football song reaches number one Row 170
Outdoor place becomes indoor place Row 171
Embryo gives birth to child Row 172
Elephant gets amnesia Row 173
Billionaire wins the lottery Row 174
Landing on jupiter moon Row 175


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