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Plague of leeches strikes town Row 1
Marriage for animals legalised Row 2
Mamouth born again Row 3
Queen dances naked Row 4
The sky goes lime green Row 5
Holidays cancelled Row 6
Pear grows on tree Row 7
Religion becomes superfluous Row 8
Female president in China Row 9
Tropical heat in Sweden Row 10
Champions league on March Row 11
Planet leavs orbit of sun Row 12
President has beauty surgery Row 13
Hospital closes Row 14
Picasso sketch masterpiece Row 15
King lies about his age Row 16
Doctor prescribes hot chili Row 17
Flower has roots instead of leaves Row 18
Toilet paper shortage Row 19
„Burj Dubai“ will be extended Row 20
Dancers dance off stage Row 21
Confused duck flies north in winter Row 22
Juggler earns a fortune Row 23
Polar bears swim to South Pole Row 24
Longjumper went too far Row 25
Football World Cup in Kenya Row 26
Human cloning legalised Row 27
Noble prize to a banana Row 28
Pea princess cannot sleep Row 29
Mickey Mouse divorces Row 30
Actress seen on Mars Row 31
Bus driver refuses to gear up Row 32
Hearing device filters lies Row 33
Headwaiter found in soup Row 34
World ends Row 35
Frogs use cell phones Row 36
New shark species discovered Row 37
Flags banned Row 38
Construction Worker strike Row 39
Zebra escapes from zoo Row 40
Page 2
Photographer photographes a whale Row 41
Doctor gets sick Row 42
Shopping center on Venus Row 43
Bakers bake baked goods Row 44
Girlfriend plays baseball Row 45
Peace between aliens and humans Row 46
Blues festival in country town Row 47
Government takes over all business Row 48
Drought wiped away Row 49
Eclips of moon Row 50
New breed of horses bred Row 51
Cuba becomes monarchy Row 52
First school opened on the moon Row 53
Lion stalks patients in hospital Row 54
Watching television not allowed Row 55
Egyptian mummy is resurrected Row 56
Light bulb spreads darkness Row 57
Coffee is grown no more Row 58
Snake swallows candle Row 59
Film star hosts party Row 60
Rudolph eats Santa Claus' hat Row 61
First trip with teleportation Row 62
World journey on ice skates Row 63
Triplets get married Row 64
Wolf attacks cheetah Row 65
Mountaineering prohibits Row 66
Sharks turn vegetarian Row 67
Computer without keyboard invented Row 68
Calculator makes mistakes Row 69
Unimotorcycle gift of the year Row 70
Germans have a pillow fight Row 71
Dieting woman halves weight Row 72
Holidays on the moon launched Row 73
Party in office Row 74
Tabloid is only media Row 75
Wolves become tame Row 76
King leaves his country Row 77
Manhattan must be moved Row 78
Sweden and Norway united Row 79
World peace introduced Row 80
Page 3
Live man found at cemetery Row 81
New religion founded Row 82
Alcohol declared illegal Row 83
The Sims becomes real Row 84
300 trees planted in a day Row 85
Parrot employed as radio presenter Row 86
First clothes made of hair Row 87
Money growing on trees Row 88
Mars leaves solar system Row 89
Child amazes parents Row 90
Accountant runs off with cash Row 91
Waiter puts plates under table Row 92
Submarine attacked by supermarine Row 93
Atom Winter starts Row 94
Crocodile only eats salad Row 95
Everest no longer highest mountain Row 96
Fog in the kitchen locker Row 97
Monk gets married Row 98
Plastic bags prohibited Row 99
Donald Duck comes to life Row 100
Moustaches become fashionable Row 101
Earth collides with bouncing ball Row 102
Operation goes wrong Row 103
Man lifts benchpress Row 104
Prime minister on maternity leave Row 105
Canada Ambassador expelled Row 106
Hair color prohibited Row 107
Selenium is added to vitamin tablets Row 108
Scientist transforms into gas Row 109
Horse rides on jockey's back Row 110
Remote controlled car drives itself Row 111
Computer not invented Row 112
Waiter serves wrong order Row 113
Smart phones entirely in plastic Row 114
Forest is cleared Row 115
Mammoth shaves Row 116
Road sweeper wins lottery Row 117
Man reads three books per day Row 118
Satellite encrypted wrongly Row 119
Leonardo watches bird Row 120
Page 4
Blue whale extinct Row 121
Breakfast abolished Row 122
Football player scores blindfolded Row 123
Tree chases nests away Row 124
Test is incorrectly evaluated Row 125
Singer loses voice Row 126
Monkey found reading Row 127
Chemical engineer becomes language teacher Row 128
New island found Row 129
Grandchild gets grandgrandchildren Row 130
1000 poems written Row 131
Universe is an illusion Row 132
The world's longest bridge built Row 133
Treasure founded out Row 134
Spider bitten by human Row 135
King moves into sand castle Row 136
New moon discovered Row 137
Baker bakes super-tiny cupcakes Row 138
Monkey buys bananas at supermarket Row 139
Restaurant on fire Row 140
Grand slam at casino Row 141
Worms leave earth Row 142
Hairdresser clips eagle's wings Row 143
Pyramids are actually spaceships Row 144
Mime walks tightrope Row 145
Bully attacked by rabbit Row 146
Storm lasts 100 days Row 147
Dishwasher dishes in one second Row 148
Plumber builds illegal dike Row 149
Greek islanders invade mainland Row 150
Pregnancy shortened Row 151
Basketball player jumps through roof Row 152
Bird big as a b747 Row 153
Falling leaf kills pedestrian Row 154
Cream in school dining mandatory Row 155
Amazon jungle disappears Row 156
Paris-New York underground tunnel Row 157
Wasp wins insect beauty contest Row 158
Doctors stop writing prescriptions Row 159
Dane finds rare bones in France Row 160
Page 5
Everyone complains on everything Row 161
Invisible painting stolen Row 162
North Pole inaugurates new underground Row 163
Bill Gates loses his fortune Row 164
Crickets sing at the theatre Row 165
Scarecrow scared of crows Row 166
Plane reachers speed of light Row 167
Jigsaw champion fails drugs test Row 168
Starship evades missile attack Row 169
Teacher fails Row 170
Solar wind gives extra power Row 171
Horse suffers from indigestion Row 172
Butterfly regresses into caterpillar Row 173
Piano plays out of tune Row 174
Radio drama broadcast Row 175


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